Tech-Malash Shotu


Blue skin, green markings. Wears a necklace made from claws and teeth.


Tech-Malash (Tec) grew up in a village on Ryloth, his family was well-respected, and known for their hunting exploits. While Tec was out hunting, the village was raided by pirates. Tec returned to find his family dead, and his home in ruins. His family was wealthy enough for him to not qualify for refugee resettlement, but not rich, and he was forced to rent substandard housing. Using his skills as a hunter, he was able to lead “adventure seekers”, nobles, and the like on hunting expeditions. However, after renting equipment and paying for transportation, he barely made enough to keep the lights on.
Tec’s last client, Krej Oortace, was exceptionally insufferable, he wouldn’t have even taken the job if not for the client’s family (not the sort that you want to anger). The day before they left, Tec was contacted by Larek, a survivor from his village, about an opportunity. Larek told Tec that Krej was involved in the pirate attack, and that there was a bounty on Krej. Unfortunately, Krej’s family was providing their transportation to Siskeen; however, Larek agreed to use his connections to arrange for a bounty hunter meet Tec. Tec would have to split the bounty, but all he’d have to do is wait until he and Krej were alone and signal the hunter.

Obsessed with collecting hunting trophies:
Tec began going on hunting trips with his father at a young age, bringing back animal trophies of all kinds. Guests were awestruck by the collection, and his family gained a lot of respect because of it. When his family was killed, and his home destroyed, their trophies were lost. Since then, his desire to collect trophies has only grown, he claims to do it to honor his family (and maybe even believes that) but the obsession goes deeper than that.

Tec seeks to bring some form of justice against those who destroyed his home:
Frustrated by the authorities either inability or unwillingness to bring the pirates and their accomplices to justice, Tec is willing to take matters into his own hands. The authorities were able to determine that the Doashim Razors were likely behind the raid, but the investigation seemed to stop there. Recently, Tec learned that Krej Oortace helped the Raiders, and has been presented with an opportunity to turn him in for a bounty.

The Oortace family has a bounty on Tec:
Tec was hired by Krej Oortace for a hunting expedition on Siskeen, but the pilot reported that they have not returned or responded to COMM messages. Some of the family’s sources have suggested that Tec is attempting to turn Krej in for the bounty on him (and warned against the trip from the beginning).

Tech-Malash Shotu

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