The Noisy Cricket

Sessions 4 and 5
Vornskr Hunt

Hired by the Bounty Hunter Guild to capture Vornskrs (preferably a male and female, alive).
Went to Corellia, rescued Dr. Maronea, who used to work for the Zahn Consortium on Myrkr, from a rogue security team, presumably hired by the Consortium.
Went to Myrkr, lost a Consortium defensive patrol in a storm, landed under heavy foliage.
Used an Ysalamiri to lure a Vornskr pack, defeated the Vornskrs, collected the tails of two and stuffed the other two into a specimen container.
Avoided patrols and out-ran the cruiser leaving the planet.

Session 3
The Cache

Leenik and Tek finished repairing their new droid, only to find out it’s new memory chips were hiding valuable information. After capturing Zaneth, a mercenary hired to retrieve the chips, they bribed him for information about his boss, and released him. Following the trail back to Zaneth’s boss, Vander Kytel, they sell the chips to Vander, but not before secretly making a copy of the information.

After hiring a slicer to unlock the information, and buying new memory chips for the droid, they find the files contain a set of coordinates and a comm code. After following the coordinates, and after a spectacular but ultimately unnecessary landing, they activate the comm code, which turns on a homing beacon in a nearby asteroid. Following the beacon they find a man loading up his Jumpmaster with illegal spices, the cut a deal for half the spices, and both ships are ambushed when leaving the asteroid. The Jumpmaster was instantly disabled, but after an intense battle weaving through the asteroids, the Noisy Cricket was victorious by the narrowest margin.

Sessions 1 and 2
Bargos' Mine

After turning in Krej Oortace for a bounty to Bargos the Hutt, Leenik and Tech-Malash Shotu were offered a job by Bargos; collecting payment from a recently acquired mine. When they arrived at the mine, the hunters found the droids there in the middle of a revolt, with many of the miners already dead.

After rescuing the remaining miners, they were able to make their escape, just as the mine was destroyed by the planet’s fierce storms. With a feat of impressive piloting skill they were able to catch and destroy the fleeing droid revolutionaries. Fortunately, the lead miner was able to secure the mine’s remaining cash before it was destroyed, the hunters then returned the cash to Bargos, at least most of it.

During their escape, the hunters also brought along a damaged Astromech droid, and with the money from their mine adventure, they were able to purchase the parts needed to complete the droid’s repair…


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